Leon Grove CHFC® RICP®

Financial/Investment Advisor


Leon stands out as a financial advisor with a distinctive background, combining military veteran experience and former College Professor insights. As the owner of Grove Financial Group Inc., his strength lies in guiding individuals toward the limitless possibilities within their financial future. Unlike conventional advisors, Leon believes true financial freedom involves aligning one’s hopes, dreams, and aspirations with a robust financial plan, transcending the mere accumulation of retirement funds.

A key aspect of Leon’s expertise is advising on optimizing accumulated assets for retirement. Recognizing the uniqueness of each financial situation, he employs a proven strategy tailored to help individuals achieve their specific goals. Leon’s approach is a perfect blend of personal and professional, dedicating time to understand his clients and address their distinct needs.

Drawing from his military and academic background, Leon comprehends the intricate financial challenges people encounter. In the military, he played a crucial role in managing entitlements, pay, and allowances, ensuring accurate disbursements for Marines. As a College Professor, he imparted financial wisdom to thousands, covering areas such as finance, portfolio analysis, and debt management. This wealth of knowledge positions Leon as a trusted advisor committed to steering individuals toward financial freedom.

Discover a better tomorrow through collaborative planning. Whether it’s retirement, wealth management, or financial and investment planning, contact Leon today at (888) 676-0196 for a personalized evaluation. Let us shape a prosperous future together.

Education History

The American College at Byan Mawr, PA. – Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP®) certification – 2019.
The American College at Byan Mawr, PA. – Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®) certification – 2017.
The American College at Byan Mawr, PA. – Certified Financial Planning (CFP®) Courses for certification and testing, 2016.
Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, Implementing a System for High-Quality Service: Building Adaptive Minority and Native American Businesses. 2007.
MBA, Accounting. The University of Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona. 2005.
Bachelor of Science, Human Resource Development. The University of South Alabama, Mobile, Alabama. 1996.
Associate of Science, General. The University of South Carolina, Beaufort, South Carolina. 1994.

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